Atwater Village

Median Home Value: $985,500

Median List Price: N/A

1 Year Change: 15.9%

1 Year Forecast: 7.3%

Zip Code: 90039

Source: Zillow September 2019

the village.jpg

Atwater Village is a unique northeast Los Angeles neighborhood known for its vibrant shopping atmosphere, casual dining options, and younger family friendly atmosphere.  Encompassed by Griffith Park, Silver Lake, Glendale, and Glassell Park; Atwater Village boasts a close proximity to the very best of what California living has to offer.  Historically, Atwater Village derived its name in 1902 due to its closeness with the Los Angeles River.  The highly sought-after neighborhood boomed in the 1920s as a result of the easy commute to and from Los Angeles and Glendale.  Since the majority of homes and buildings have retained their original bones (even with renovations and remodels), Atwater Village’s original architecture and design aesthetic still shines through.  Today, Atwater Village is one of the most rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods in Los Angeles as young creative professionals continuously spill over from Los Feliz and Silverlake.  In turn, when strolling or biking along Glendale Boulevard, one can never run out of trendy coffee shops, eclectic restaurants, or handmade boutique shops to enjoy on any given day. 





Bon Vivant Market & Café

Momed Atwater Village


Palette Food and Juice

Sun Hai Inn Restaurant

La Villa Cafe

Village Tavern

Hail Mary Pizza

Link N Hops