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East Los Angeles

Median Home Value: $459,900

Median List Price: $499,000

1 Year Change: 4.2%

1 Year Forecast: 1.2%

Zip Codes: 90063 & 90022

Source: Zillow September 2019

East LA College_edited.jpg

East Los Angeles, or East LA for short, is a primarily Latino neighborhood in Los Angeles County.  This unincorporated community consists of City Terrace, Hazard, Wellington Heights, Belvedere, Maravilla, and Belvedere Gardens. 

Bordered by Boyle Heights, El Sereno, Commerce, Monterey Park, and Montebello; East Los Angeles boasts a vibrant culture and tight-knit community.  As one of the oldest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, East LA proudly represents its Latino culture throughout the mouth-watering eateries, unique shops, and small businesses that have been around for generations. 

Even with the family like feel, East LA still has close ties to Los Angeles due to the easy access into popular Downtown areas.  The Metro Gold Line’s Eastside Extension
coupled with the Metro bus service makes transportation to and from DTLA a breeze. 

Visitors can take a trip down Whittier Boulevard, known for the prevalence of low riders as well as traditional Mexican food vendors who cab bring cuisine to life.        

La Azteca Tortilleria

Langosta Ranchera

Tacos Baja

Churros Don Abel

Phat Birds

Chop Chop Chicken

Meme's BBQ Smoke House

Brew Kitchen Bar

The Boulevard Bar

Lito's Cork Room

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