Lincoln Heights​

Median Home Value: $637,200

Median List Price: $639,000

1 Year Change: 4.6%

1 Year Forecast: 2.0%

Zip Code: 90031

Source: Zillow September 2019

Lincoln Heights_edited.jpg

Lincoln Heights is an east Los Angeles neighborhood with a youthful population and a large community of artists and craftsmen.  Surrounded by El Sereno, Boyle Heights, Chinatown, Cypress Park, Mount Washington, and Montecito Heights; Lincoln Heights is a trendy neighborhood that younger generations are moving to in droves. 

Gentrification has been prevalent in this neighborhood for quite some time as Lincoln Heights continues to emerge as the hip place to live in.  Old Victorian and Craftsman homes line the streets of this quaint neighborhood and beautiful views can be seen from homes on the hillsides, especially at night. 

Never a shortage of things to do, Lincoln Heights also boasts easy commutes to everything Los Angeles has to offer.  Sitting only a mile and half away from Downtown, residents
visitors will find it easy and quick to hop over to other various Los Angeles neighborhoods. 

Patrons can take a stroll along Broadway and find trendy coffee shops, hip eateries, and shopping.  In Lincoln Heights, you are never too far from everything Los Angeles has to offer.

Howlin' Ray's

Lincoln Kitchen & Tap

The Heights Deli & Bottle Shop

Ave 26 Taco Stand

Barbara's At The Brewery

Wiretap Brewing

Melody Lounge

La Chuperia

The Office Bar & Grill

B Twentyfour