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Boyle Heights

Median Home Value: $656,881

1 Year Change: 15.4%

1 Year Forecast: N/A

Zip Code: 90023 & 90033

Source: Zillow June 2022



Milpa Grille

El Tepeyac Cafe


El 7 Mares

Los Angeles City Hall

La Mascota Bakery

The Paramount

Mariscos Jalisco

Boyle Heights is an East Los Angeles neighborhood recognized for its affordability and close proximity to DTLA.  Surrounded by East LA, Vernon, Lincoln Heights, Commerce, DTLA, and the Arts District.  Boyle Heights provides easy access to DTLA and the Arts District. 


A primarily residential neighborhood, Boyle Heights is perfect for families and young people looking to live in quieter areas and still have access to LA’s entertainment and nightlife scene. Being a predominantly Latino neighborhood, Boyle Heights boasts a culturally robust atmosphere with plenty to offer.  Taco Trucks, family-owned shops, and street vendors. Residents can venture over to the Mariachi Plaza for live music, craft stalls, and dancing through the night. 


With a fun-loving atmosphere, all on its own and through being so close to DTLA, Boyle Heights really is the best of both worlds.         

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  • City Terrace Elementary School 6/10

  • Marianna Avenue Elementary School 6/10

  • Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angles 6/10

  • Alliance Morgan McKinzie High School 5/10

  • Benjamin Franklin Library

  • Boyle Heights Museum

  • Casa 0101

  • Mariachi Plaza

  • Hollenbeck Park

  • Night Gallery

  • Eastside Luv

  • Self Help Graphics

1645 E 6th St.jpg

Dana's Sold in Boyle Heights

  1. 3010 East 1st St, LA, CA 90063

  2. 1306 Waterloo St, LA, CA 90023

  3. 1539 Ricardo St, LA, CA 90033

  4. 2716 Pomeroy Ave, LA, CA 90033

  5. 415 Euclid Ave, LA, CA 90063

  6. 3000 E 6th St, LA, CA 90023

  7. 1645 E 6th St, LA, CA 90023

  8. 3977 Union Pacific Ave, Commerce, CA 90023

  9. 217 N Saratoga St, LA, CA 90033

  10. 545 S Breed St, LA, CA 90033

  11. 703 S Chicago St, LA, CA 90023

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