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Ready to sell your property in Los Angeles? Well, hold tight because first, the city of LA requires certain conditions to be met before a property can be sold. As a seller, you will need to fill out a 9A report.

What is a 9A Report?

A residential property report, also known as a 9A Report, provides buyers information about the property. An application (filled out by the seller) must be completed and include declarations that the property IS or WILL BE compliant in accordance with City of LA requirements.

The residential property report/9A report also informs buyers about any pending or specials assessments regarding the property. The City of Los Angeles might add other items to the report to ensure properties adhere to code requirements. The city might also want to disclose if additions to the property will be coming based on their plans like sidewalks, etc.

Who orders a 9A report?

The seller orders the report and must provide it to the buyer prior to selling or going into escrow. The cost is $70.82 and can typically be part of a seller's closing cost. Once the application is complete and the fee is paid, it is sent to building and safety followed by the City issuing the report.

Below is an overview of the requirements for the City of Los Angeles when selling residential or commercial buildings.

Overview of Los Angeles 9A Requirements


All Commercial and Residential buildings containing fuel gas piping must have an Earthquake Shut-Off Valve (EQSO). They are designed to shut off gas service automatically, in the event of a magnitude 5.4or greater earthquake. (Section 94.1217 L.A.M.C)


Any Commercial or Residential building containing plumbing fixtures shall comply with the City of LA's Water Conservation Ordinance. (Section 122.03 L.A.M.C)


All apartment buildings containing three or more dwelling units shall be equipped with security lighting and locks.(Section 91.8607 L.A.M.C)


Every sleeping room below the fourth floor shall have at least one operable window or door that is approved for emergency escape or rescue. (Section 91.029.4 L.A.M.C)


Smoke Detectors are required in every sleeping room and at a central location of the existing corridor or area giving access to these rooms.(Section 91.8603 L.A.M.C)


Existing glass on every sliding glass panel, other than wardrobe doors, bathroom showers requires impact hazard glazing, or an approved film maybe installed. (Section 91.601; Section 96.302 L.A.M.C)


Required in every home with a fuel-burning appliance and for any home with an attached garage. Installed on each floor adjacent to sleeping areas. ( Section91.8603 L.A.M.C)

What can I expect to pay?


Shut-off valves with City of LA permit can range from $389 +


Toilet + Seat Installation: $289

Toilet Installation Only: $179

Low Flow Shower Head installation: $25


10-Yr Battery Operated Smoke Alarm: $49

Hardwired Smoke Alarm Replacement: $59

Installation of New Hardwired Smoke Alarm: $159


Safety Glazing: $150+

Existing Tint Removal: $99


Carbon Monoxide Alarms: $49

Hardwire Carbon + Smoke Alarm Combo Replacement: $94

Hardwire New Carbon + Smoke Alarm Combo: $208


city of los angeles 9a requirements


Visit: Andreas Fault Pro or Metro Retrofitting for more information on pricing.

Updated: Mar 14

Landlords who own in unincorporated Los Angeles county now need to register their rental properties with the county through their new Rent Registry portal.

What is the Los Angeles County registry?

LA County launched a new online service portal for landlords where they are required to upload rental information, pay registration fees and register their properties. Registration of rental units and mobile home spaces is now required within unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County unless exempted under County Code.

Who is required to register?

If you own and rent units or mobile home spaces within the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County you are required to register and pay annual registration fees. You should have received a letter in the mail with a PIN # that you can use to register your units online. Call the County if you do no have or misplaced the letter.

Who is exempted from registering?

You may be exempt from registration fees if your property is an owner-occupied unit, or if the units and mobile home spaces are exempt from the rent stabilization under state and federal law.

What are the registration fees?

Visit LA County's website for an overview of the current registration fees.

la county new rent registry

Click the links below for details on how to navigate the rent registry portal.

ENGLISH: LA County's Rent Resigstry Program: Introductory Webinar

SPANISH: El Registro de Unidades de Alquilar del Condado de Los Angeles

Updated: Mar 8

As you can see in the flyer below, I recently sold 10 units in Lincoln Heights on Johnston St. I was able to generate 8 offers within 5 days for my Sellers, and we CLOSED ESCROW WITHIN 30 DAYS of the Sellers signing the listing agreement!

I know many Buyers who are aggressively looking to buy in Lincoln Heights. These Buyers are mostly offering to purchase ALL CASH and completely AS-IS. The buyer on Johnston submitted a 100% non-contingent offer, which meant no re-trading after the physical inspection. The Sellers were relieved to have such a smooth and quick sale process.

If you are thinking of selling or are even just curious about what your property is worth, give me a call.

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