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The Future of City of LA's Rent Moratorium

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

As you may have already seen or heard Los Angeles County under Governor Newsom signed (AB) 832 into law, which extends protections for residential and mobile home space renters. These new protections would be extended through September 30, 2021.

The City of LA's stance has remained unchanged and "the City's Emergency Declaration is still in effect and will continue to be effective until further notice." The City of LA's ordinance protects tenants who have unpaid rent due to COVID-19 until August 1, 2022.

Until we hear anything further from any governing body I want to provide details of the assistance that is available to both Landlords and Tenants.

The CA COVID-19 Rent Relief Program - "helps income-eligible households with rent and utilities, both for past due and future payments." (source:

  • Renters and Landlords can apply

  • Help with Unpaid or Future Rent & Utilities

  • Landlords may receive assistance for income-eligible tenants (calculated by the state when they apply)

  • The eligible timeframe for assistance dates back to April 1, 2020

Click here to input your address and find out which program serves your neighborhood. You may be eligible for the state program, local program, or both.

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